Although bloom times are directly related to the weather, the chart below displays the usual times for the listed plants to bloom in Boerner Botanical Gardens.

What's in Bloom?


Since 2007, Master Gardener Volunteers working with the UW-Extension Horticulture Center at Boerner Botanical Gardens have been recording blooms in the Perennial Garden. 

Master GardenersTo see detailed records for more than 2,000 perennial plants, please select from the following:

2019 Blooms In the Garden Report – Excel

2018 Blooms In the Garden Report – Excel

2018 Blooms in the Garden

2017 Blooms in the Garden

2016 Blooms in the Garden

2015 Blooms in the Garden

2014 Blooms in the Garden

2013 Blooms in the Garden

2012 Blooms in the Gardens

2011 Blooms in the Gardens

2010 Blooms in the Gardens

2009 Blooms in the Gardens

2008 Blooms in the Gardens


Perennial Map

Rose Garden Map

Rock Garden Map

Tree and shrub collection information is available upon request.
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