Memorials and Honorariums at The Gardens

Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens, Inc.

Supporting Boerner Botanical Gardens since 1984.
Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Memorials and Honorariums at The Gardens

Milwaukee County Parks Policy
All memorials at Boerner Botanical Gardens are facilitated through the Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens.

Memorial Benches – $4,000 (as available)
• Historic benches are available in various locations within the Gardens; benches are limited in availability.
• A personalized plaque/tag is placed on each memorial bench.
• Tags have space for inscriptions of three lines of text; 25 characters per line (including spaces).
Benches are reserved for a period of 10 years.
After 10 years the donor may rededicate the bench by making a monetary donation, for a second 10 year term. Should the original donor wish not to renew, the bench will be made available for another donor.
• Should a bench need to be relocated, we will attempt to contact the donor to discuss alternative locations: the Milwaukee County Parks Department will make the final determination.

Memorial Trees – $400 within garden; $300 in parking lot.
• Our selection of available trees for memorials/honorariums are located throughout the Gardens.
• Trees located in parking lot area at the reduced price.
• All trees designated must be a minimum of one year old (having survived all seasons) before they are made available for memorials/honorariums.
• A brass tag with donor inscription is affixed to tree.
• Tags have space for inscriptions of three lines of text with a limit of 25 characters per line (including spaces).
• Should a dedicated tree suffer damage, FBBG will make every effort to contact the donor. The County determines if the tree will be replaced.

Rotary Path Bricks & Pavers

  • Bricks and pavers are part of the ADA Rotary Path installed in 2015 and offer an enduring way to remember and honor special people in our lives.
  • The path provides easy accessibility to 3 of Boerner’s original, signature gardens.
  • Orders are welcome all year.
  • Bricks and pavers are installed twice each year, in April and November.


Inscription space:

  • 5” x 10” bricks allow for three lines of text with a limit of 13 characters per line (including spaces).
  • 10” x 10” bricks, 18” x 18” paver stones and 24” x 24” paver stones, inscription space is six (6) lines of text with a limit of 13 characters per line (including spaces). 

Rose Garden Sponsorship – $250 for first year, $150 for renewals, each subsequent year.
• The sign listing donors is anchored in the ground from April – October (weather permitting)
• Inscription space is two lines of text.

Monetary donation – we welcome and appreciate all gifts.
• A donor may designate a gift to:
FBBG General Operations
FBBG student education initiatives
Tributes FBBG Garden Fund (which FBBG manages in order to supplement the BBG County garden director’s budget for Boerner operations).


All donations will be recognized in FBBG’s Annual Report for the year made.

Please call or email  to discuss your options:
 414 525 5653 or [email protected]

We are grateful for your consideration of Boerner as a place to remember or honor someone special in your life.