Summer Garden Safaris for Child Care Facilities

Looking for a safe place for the kids to have an adventure filled afternoon?

Come to the Gardens for an exciting Summer Garden Safari! Choose from the following exciting programs for children ages 4-12:

The Art of Plants
What does art have to do with plant science? Students discover the similarities between art and science and explore how botanical illustration is an artistic form that requires scientific understanding.

Through observation and investigation, students create their own works of art using plants as their inspiration.

Nutrition Expedition
Come and discover the fruits and vegetables in our garden and the pollinators that make them grow. Students will explore the garden using clues to seek and find specific plants and pollinators found here during the summer months. Students will gain an appreciation of the nutritional value plants provide us.


Plants in the Days of the Dinosaurs NEW!
Take a step back in time to see ferns, horsetails and ginkoes – living relics of plants that fed the dinosaurs eons ago. Discover different ways plants reproduce and how plants have changed over millions of years. Students will make terarriums to take home

Summer Garden Safaris include:

  • 1 1/2 hour program
  • Instruction from a Children’s Educator
  • An hour long adventure in the Gardens hunting for plants and pollinators
  • A culminating classroom activity with a planting to take home
  • The opportunity to utilize all of the senses and gain a better understanding of the world of plants

Program information and costs:

  • Programs are available from mid June through mid August for children ages 4 – 12.
  • Cost is $7.00 per child with a minimum registration of 15 children. Maximum registration of 60.
  • Final registration count is due two weeks in advance of the program. If a final count is not received and the number of children is less than the original estimated count, the facility will be charged for the greater number.
  • Picnic area are located on the grounds. Please let us know if you will be picnicking.
  • Programs are conducted through the Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens. Programming is held in the Education & Visitor Center in the event of inclement weather.

Register Today!

 Contact Kim Copeland, Education Manager at:
Phone: (414) 525-5659