SEEDMONEY Campaign – Plant Science Programming

The Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens (FBBG) is participating in the #SeedMoneyChallenge, a 30-day fundraising challenge!

FBBG is teaching K12 students to raise vegetables in spring through winter, a program within our broad plant science student curriculum.
The students learning with us are from SE WI area public schools, and our multi session, consecutive, outcomes driven programming focuses on year round education in nature.  Our programs are funded. There is no cost to school or student. Many of our students would not have this experiential learning were it not for our programming.
In addition to keeping the funds we raise, we have a chance to win a challenge grant of up to $1000 from SeedMoney based on how much we raise over the 30-day period running from Nov 15 to Dec 15. Your support TODAY can put us into the running for one of those bonus grants!
You can find our donation page here:
Thank you very much for helping our campaign and supporting FBBG’s Children Plant Science programming.