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“Only the flowers which say nothing are understood by all, and there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.” – Agnes Rothery, Quote from The Joyful Gardener, 1927

The Annual Garden serves as the main entrance to the Formal Gardens. Its central water garden, adrift with water lily and lotus, acts as a focal point for the rest of the Gardens – grassy malls with flowered borders stretch to the south and to the west. Within the Annual Garden, ornamental flowering trees and artistic statuary punctuate dazzling beds of colorful annual flowers. A low decorative wall made from native glacial-stone outlines the garden and a traditional gazebo offers quiet repose.

“Annuals” are plants that live to flower only one growing season. Consequently, the Annual Garden and adjacent display areas are freshly planted each year with an average of 10,000 individual plants. Award-winning annual varieties are selected and the magnificent Annual Garden is artistically reborn! Bloom lasts throughout the summer.

At the center of the Annual Garden, accenting each corner of the rectangular pool, are four Pfitzer Junipers, Juniperus chinensis (Pfitzeriana). These great mounding junipers, planted in 1939, are original to the Gardens. Four great American Elms once stood in echo to the balance of the junipers. These like many elms of their time eventually succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease. Today, a Dutch Elm Disease resistant American Elm, variety “Liberty M-8”, grows at the site where the last of the original elms once stood.