Thank you in advance for considering your gift to our 2020 Annual Appeal.

We are grateful to all in our community who support our mission to preserve the historic Gardens through FBBG for all ages and populations.

We all share the challenges presented by the pandemic and are deeply grateful to those who have supported our work throughout these unprecedented times….

In the past year, despite COVID-19… 

  • FBBG’s decades long community and student learning at Boerner continued in 2020.

  • We conducted K12 outcomes driven, interactive student education in-nature programming: 2,322 students from 51 schools were taught prior to the pandemic….     

    • “We are so happy with FBBG’s tireless work at Boerner to help so many young kids see how wonderful it is to be out in nature.” FBBG donor (2020
    • “My students did not want the program to end! I look forward to this trip every year.”  Maple Tree Elementary (MPS) (2020
    • “Such a great extension of our curriculum. Loved every second of this experience!”   Maryland Avenue Montessori (MPS) (2020)
  • We created virtual learning modules for K12 student remote learning.

  • We provided 41 weekly lessons via our website, email blasts and social media…for creative, learning activities to do individually, as a family and with children, in and out of doors.

  • We resumed our traditional Wednesday evening garden walks.

  • We continued our devotion to County owned Boerner, meeting our commitments without interruption, including improved garden accessibility for all with NEW paved pathways, garden restorations and development of new attractions for 2021.

  • We are ready to resume our 2021 classes and events this winter!

  • We will be ready to resume our 2021 classes and events this winter when FBBG enters its 37th year and Boerner, its 82nd!

Thank you for being here for us.
We are always working to keep historic Boerner here for you.

With gratitude from us all….

Ellen Hayward

2020 Annual Appeal