Thank you very much for considering your gift to FBBG, which helps ensure that our student, adult and family programming continues to grow.

In 2017, thanks to the support that we received for last year’s Annual Appeal, Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens…

  • served nearly 15,000 K-12 Greater Milwaukee Area students with vital outcomes driven, hands-on learning in nature…engaging their senses and bringing crucial balance to developing minds during their formative years, so critical for young minds regularly monopolized by electronic media.

“Very grade and curriculum appropriate. Knowledgeable staff, age appropriate program and activities; tied directly to our science curriculum.”       –Mitchell School

  • completed our first year of Learning Journeys, our newest plant science initiative with MPS, for first grade students.

“Today we went on our Learning Journey and it was amazing!
My kids loved it; we had fun and learned a lot!”      
-Sherman Arts School

  • completed our 8th consecutive year of garden support, recruiting 664 community and corporate volunteers that help our Garden staff sustain and preserve our beloved historic site.
  • facilitated 131 adult education classes, family workshops, garden walks and special events, bringing enjoyment and in-nature learning to the lives of our community members.
  • facilitated our 3rd year of FBBG Free Tuesdays at Boerner.
  • supported Milwaukee County’s 2nd year of China Lights…a cultural festival that appeals to all ages and builds awareness and attendance for our historic Gardens.

NEW! In 2018, we’re lighting the Gardens for year-round,
nighttime enjoyment and learning at Boerner!


YOUR continued support is vital to our efforts.

With our unending gratitude,




Ellen Hayward, President/CEO

“It is not only for us but our children and grandchildren, who will reap the benefits.”
Alfred L. Boerner, Landscape Architect and Visionary