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Our 2014 Achievements, in our 30th year….

  1. We provided nearly 18,877 K > 12 students with hands on, outcomes based, nature driven learning – positively impacting their physical well-being and mental resourcefulness while growing their math and literacy capabilities. This learning, which engages all of their senses, brings vital balance to young, developing minds that are routinely dominated by electronic media.

    – We began working with STEM* schools! (*science, technology, engineering, math)
    – 300 lbs. of produce grown in our programming was donated to local food pantries!

  2. We recruited 474 in-garden volunteers, supporting Boerner’s horticulture staff in the sustaining of our historic gardens – a SE Wisconsin venue that contributes to the quality of our lives.

    Corporate in-garden support volunteer teams joining us this year included US Bank, Johnson Controls, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Goodwill Industries and Careers Incorporated.

  3. We planned and facilitated 66 adult education classes, family workshops, garden walks and special events, positively impacting and enriching the lives of our community members.

  4. We sustained/formed partnerships… Milwaukee Public Schools, SE Wisconsin school districts, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts of SE Wisconsin, Greater Milwaukee Committee’s Teachtown Initiative, Alverno College, Indian Summer, Life Navigators, Careers Incorporated, Goodwill Industries, Southeast WI businesses, non-profit organizations, plant societies and Master Gardeners.

As we prepare for 2015, our 31st year and Boerner’s 76th… 
YOUR confidence is vital…. 
Thank you in advance for your support.

With our gratitude,

Ellen Hayward, President/CEO

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It is not only for us but our children and grandchildren, who will reap the benefits
Alfred L. Boerner, Landscape Architect and Visionary